SELF HIRED is one of Vancouver's leaders in media production and creating brand content. They have worked with artists such as Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg, Saint Jhn and Vince Staples. Recently they began a new venture called the Thinkspace podcast, which gets into a deep dive with celebrities, business owners and influencers to uncover their secrets to success in order to share them with their audience. To learn more click the their logo. 

Vancity Original

Vancity Original, is a staple brand in the community. With their unique designs and willingness to always represent  and push the culture through clothing,this line has been recognized and worn by many celebrities that pass through the city.  Their iconic UnDMC logo can be seen across the globe. Offering both Mens and Women's apparel, you can always find something to rock for any occasion. To learn more or to purchase some gear, click on the logo